Event Location

NightCon 2017 will be held on DATES TBA and hosted at Location TBA.


Who Should Attend?

Pilots, Mechanics, and Managers seeking to obtain information, education, and guidance on Night Vision Systems (NVIS) implementation, operations, and maintenance issues.

Event Schedule



1500 – 1900 Check In Hotel Lobby


0800 – 0830:    Introduction/Course Overview

0830 – 1000:    NVG Industry Overview* (Navigating in the 21st Century)

1000 – 1030:    Vendor Break***

1030 – 1200:    ITAR/EAR 99

1200 – 1300:    Lunch

1300 – 1430:    Aeromedical Concerns with NVG use.

1430 – 1500:    Vendor Break***

1500 – 1700:    Update of FARs* (Regulatory, Policy, and Publication Changes & Updates)

1700 - 1900:    Night Vision Awards Ceremony & Reception with food, drink, and entertainment.

 ***FIRC attendee schedule will be modified to meet programmed hours of instruction. PLEASE SEE FIRC SCHEDULE BELOW for mandatory FIRC program hours.


On Day 2 of the event, participants may register and attend one of the six educational tracks which best suits their individual needs/interest. Due to limited seating, a track must be chosen during online registration.

  • 0800 – 1700    Track 1 - NVIS Operations Program Management
  • 0800 – 1700    Track 2 - NVIS Maintenance Program Management (This track is FAA Approved for I.A. Renewal)
  • 1200 – 1330    Lunch
  • 0800 – 1700    Track 3 - NVG Initial Ground School    
  • 0800 – 1700    Track 4 - NVG Instructor Ground School (Day 1 + This track is FAA Approved for Flight Instructor Renewal)
  • 0800 – 1200    Track 5 – NVG Recurrent Ground School
  • 0800 – 1200    Track 6 - Enhanced Visual Systems (EVS)

FIRC Attendees:

The NightCon 2015 FIRC is a two-day program consisting of 16.5 hours of programmed instruction. FIRC attendees wishing to renew their FAA Flight Instructor certificate must attend ALL programmed hours of instruction. A FIRC Monitor will be in place during the entire FIRC to ensure each applicant meets this requirement. When registering for the FIRC, please select Educational Track #4. This educational track requires each FIRC attendee to attend Day One General Assembly, and educational track #4 on Day Two of the event.

The following is an overview of the FIRC schedule and location:

Day One – The first eight (8) hours of the FIRC will be held in the General Assembly area of NightCon 2015. The first 3 rows on the left side of the auditorium will be marked “Reserved - FIRC Attendees Only”. All FIRC attendees must sit in this area on Day One. The FIRC Monitor will be co-located in the reserved area and available to assist with any issues such as additional pencils, paper, etc. Additionally, at the beginning of each vendor break, FIRC attendees will be required to attend an 10-minute briefing on the FIRC Renewal Process and IACRA. At the conclusion, a written exam will be taken to conclude that portion of the FIRC. There will be a total of three (3) written exams issued on Day One consisting of 20 questions total. Each FIRC attendee will be issued a RED sticker to be placed on their NightCon name badge to identify them as a FIRC Attendee.

Day Two – On the second day of the FIRC, all FIRC attendees will meet in the FIRC-Only classroom. The location of this classroom will be confirmed on the schedule presented to each FIRC attendee at registration on Day One. This classroom will be limited to those persons attending the FIRC (Attendee/Student Attendee). At the end of Day Two, each FIRC attendee will take a 20-question written exam. All FIRC tests must receive a minimum score of 70% to be considered Satisfactory. Any tests with a score of less than 70% will be Unsatisfactory, and remedial training will be provided by FIRC staff. A retest will be issued with new questions related to the subject matter.

FIRC Renewal Process – All FIRC attendees wishing to renew their FAA Flight Instructor certificate must attend all programmed hours of instruction (16.5 hrs), and Satisfactorily complete each written examination with a minimum passing grade of 70%. Once the final written examination is graded, a Certificate of Graduation or Certificate of Completion will be issued, as applicable. Those FIRC attendees with a Certificate of Graduation will be eligible to renew their FAA Fight Instructor certificate onsite using the FAA Integrated Airman Certification and Rating Application (IACRA) online application portal. A Temporary Airman Certificate will be issued immediately by the onsite FIRC Airman Certification Representative (ACR).

Note: FIRC attendees that do not attend all programmed hours of instruction, or do not successfully complete all written exams WILL NOT receive any certificate from FIRC staff.

CAUTION: The FIRC Graduation Certificate DOES NOT extend the expiration date of your FAA Flight Instructor certificate. Application MUST be made to the FAA and a renewal of the Flight Instructor certificate completed prior to the expiration date of your existing FAA Flight Instructor certificate.

FIRC Sponsor: This FIRC is being presented by Performance Instruction Services (PIS) and hosted by NightCon 2015. With any questions, please contact Gary Young at 817-602-0892 or Randy Rowles at 561-386-6078.


  • Speakers from the following agencies will be presenting/participating at NightCon:
  • Night Flight Concepts
  • Federal Aviation Administration
  • Transport Canada
  • FBI Counter Intelligence Squad
  • Aviation Specialties Unlimited (ASU)
  • Bell Helicopter Training Academy
  • Customs & Border Protection
  • The Helicopter Institute
  • Delta P
  • Lexavia
  • Universal Helicopters
  • And more . . .